SKIKK is the pioneer in the field of custom-made designs. Offering classic tailoring with a modern day approach. Representing straightforward, functional and durable designs that showcase only what is strictly necessary while highlighting what is already there – nothing more, nothing less. 

We believe everybody deserves a signature piece in their wardrobe that is designed to complement your qualities. With the right nuance to serve for both casual as more sophisticated events. Being neatly involved in the buying and production process we use only the best materials of premium quality. Italian fabrics are the backbone of our label. 

We know you have busy days and we understand you would like to go through these while dressed for the occasion. This is why we are offering personal service at any preferred location, saving you time while still providing care and attention to every tailored design. 

Functionality and detail go hand-in-hand together with versatility and durability to strike exactly the right balance in every SKIKK piece.

Sam Gademan

SKIKK offers a unique approach to creating elegant and versatile wardrobes for our clients. Endless and exciting possibilities. Colour, tone, drape, texture, fineness, body–it is these things that give cloth its personality. Cloth has a deeply primeval pleasure to it, an indulgence. We work with the best weavers to develop a wide range of cloths for our many different clients.

SKIKK draws upon traditional Italian tailoring practices, with a focus on lightness, simplicity and wearability. We guide you expertly through the process, helping to design the perfect composition for any occasion, whether it be a business event, black tie affair, or a casual beachside wedding. 


Rose Marie van Leeuwen

SKIKK offers a place where the perfectly fitted suit and separates can be found for every woman, in any size, supporting all types of curves. We represent only what is strictly necessary while highlighting what is already there.

We arrange an appointment at your preffered location. Together we’ll look at a wide range of Italian fabrics, luxury designs, and discuss different styling options.

Our goal is to make you feel confident, doing that by compliment your silhouette. It is our expertise to measure all dimensions. We want you to feel powerful but most important comfortable when wearing one of our designs without making the design overpower you as a woman.